A hybrid conference or event can mean different things to different people. To us, it is any event that combines physical elements with remote, virtual elements. There really aren't any rules. We approach every hybrid conference enquiry as a unique project, working closely with our clients to produce a solution that ticks every box.

What is a Hybrid Conference?

Over the years we have produced many different hybrid events, some very simple others somewhat more complex, including studios and green screens.

Here are just a few examples of what a hybrid conference may include:

  • A physical event that is also streamed online to a virtual audience.
  • A conference where some presenters dial in to present remotely into a physical venue.
  • A conference where the panel and charman are together in a physical venue, and the delegates are all virtual.
  • A training event where all content is pre-recorded and streamed out ‘as-live’, coupled with live demonstrations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions that are broadcasted from a venue.
  • Awards event with a studio based presenter and remote winners live on screen.

Examples of all the above can be found amongst our case studios by clicking here.

We approach every hybrid conference enquiry as a unique project, working closely with our clients to produce a solution that ticks every box.

The virtual Talking Slides platform is our very own and has been continually developed over the years in-house. The beauty of this is that it allows us to adapt and provide excellent support to many different styles of events. Whatever your ideas or aspirations, do get in touch.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

We provide all of the tools you require to combine both the physical and virtual elements of your event, allowing virtual participants to feel as involved as those at the venue, giving them every opportunity to interact in Q&A sessions, polling and interact with your presenters and exhibitors.

As with all Talking Slides packages, hybrid events have the option to be recorded and made available to view on-demand post-event, allowing those who could not attend to catch up, or for delegates to review.

  • Full Physical AV Production & Technical Support
  • Physical & Remote Audiences
  • ‘Catch Up TV For Your Conference’
  • Sli.do Interactive Q&A & Polling Sessions
  • Remote Presentation Facility
  • Online Delegate Helpdesk
  • Our Unique Talking Slides Platform

To view more examples of hybrid events please visit our case study gallery

  • "Many thanks and also a very big thanks to Martin and the whole team at Talking Slides - well done for the smooth and professional running of our first online event last week.  Our Trustees all very impressed and pleased with the result."
  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the audio-visual preparation for my presentation . All the members of the team were calm ,efficient and had a lovely sense of fun. Thank you all. "
  • "Just a quick note to say thank you for your guy’s efforts on Wednesday. It all worked like a dream, and your guys were able to react to the changes I asked for pretty much instantly, which made my job so much easier on the day."
  • "Thank you all for a fantastic study day once again! We were all really pleased with how it’s turned out. The site looked brilliant and everyone got their login details including late registrants and those who joined during the event! "
  • "It was so well presented in comparison to other online events (audio was perfect, internet connection ran so smoothly! so easy to log in!). Being online is mandatory currently due to Covid; but for the future, having the “online option” may help many more people to attend."
  • "Really useful teaching. Very professionally executed too."
  • "Very informative course, I thought it would be difficult having a course online but, found it very engaging. Thank you!"
  • "You did not ask specifically about the online experience. I thought the quality of the meeting from prepared presentations that played without fault to questions asked to each presenter afterwards worked very well."
  • "Great event. I specifically liked the fact that the presentations were pre-recorded thus eliminating the chance of running over."
  • "A very high quality event. Much better audiovisuals than any other online event I have viewed."
  • "This is the best format webinar I’ve participated in. The presentations were without problems. My hospital IT is not up to delivering live video so had to use my phone; an appalling incitement of the NHS. The ability to watch a presentation  after the event is excellent to a working doctor. Also the cost was just perfect. Congratulations to all who contributed."
  • "The service has been brilliant and the course easy to access. I appreciated that I could pause the talks to take notes and unfortunately I couldn’t access the course on the day it was live as I had a full working day but it was so easy to access the next day. Thank you to your whole team."
  • "Just to say seriously impressed by the virtual BESS platform- so easy to navigate and love the comment sections etc. Thanks to you and the team for your usual awesome job even in the face of adversity!"
  • "The whole site is really well laid out, and very easy to navigate.  The limited content I have viewed so far (incl my own masterclass lecture of course!) has been high class, so very well done indeed to you and your team for putting this together in such unusual and challenging circumstances. Really looking forward to going through it all during the course of the next couple of months."

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